Jack Rabbit Blueberry Duffin 10ml Nicotine Salt Eliquid

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We have all heard of a blueberry muffin and how great they taste especially in an E-liquid and also a blueberry doughnut for that matter, so what makes JRV Blueberry Duffin so special?

For anyone that doesn't know what a Duffin is, imagine taking all of the good parts of a freshly fried doughnut and a baked muffin straight from the oven and mixing the two together. That is what we have created in this flavour.

Juicy, sweet, fresh blueberries added to a perfect mix of light, fluffy muffin and a sweet doughnut base. The careful balance between desserts and fruits makes this flavour perfect for all vapers.

20mg strength.


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Nicotine Strength 20mg
Manufacturer Jack Rabbit
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